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American Idol finalist Jackie Tohn performing on Monday night at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood to a crowded room which included Kristen Bell , Erika Christensen of the new NBC show Parenthood and Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto .

Kim Kardashian at Dr. Siegal’s brand new Cookie Diet store in Beverly Hills picking up a box of the diet’s Chocolate and Oatmeal Raisin cookies on Thursday.

Regis Philbin (wearing a lot of makeup) while eating at Michael’s on 53rd St between 5th and 6th in NYC on Monday afternoon.

Some things just never change.

DioGuardi, 38, tells Women’s Health that her stunt on last season’s finale, when she stripped down to a two-piece bathing suit to belt out a duet with a contestant dubbed “Bikini Girl,” was a pivotal point in her career. “It probably saved my job,” she says. “It was a defining moment. Like, ‘She’s serious and industry, but also as kooky as everyone else on this panel.’ ”

We all have our defining moments, but few of us can say they happened when we sang on national television in a bikini. American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi is one of those few.

It wasn’t easy to get DioGuardi to do her little swimsuit act in the first place.

“I kept saying no,” she says in the magazine’s April issue. “I mean, what crazy nut is gonna go out there in a bikini at almost 40 years of age against a girl who is 20 and probably cosmetically enhanced? I looked a little pasty. But hey, at least I didn’t wet myself!”

i thought bikini girl would have a n.ip.ple slip while performing.

Kara was great. She totally humiliated bikini girl.

That was by far the best part of the whole show.

What a slap in the face of bikini girl she fell off her cloud when Kara came out singing, in my opinion way way sooo much better than BB…

The pair sang a few verses of Mariah Carey ‘s “Vision of Love,” a song Darrell auditioned with and DioGuardi critiqued, before DioGuardi ripped open her little black dress to reveal a bikini body to rival her duet partner. Watch the clip.

Kara DioGuardi , American Idol ‘s newest judge, proved she’s more than just a talking head Wednesday, when she bared her bikini body — and her singing voice — on stage at the American Idol finale in Los Angeles.

At the time, Darrell told PEOPLE she was at a disadvantage because DioGuardi “had it out for me from the beginning … Maybe there was a little jealousy.”

After the show honored the notorious “Bikini Girl,” Katrina Darrell , with an award for having the best attitude, DioGuardi appeared on stage to perform with the former contestant.

‘She just made herself look stupid; she didn’t make me look stupid,’ Katrina Darrell says of finale stunt.

For one brief moment during Wednesday night’s “American Idol” finale, it seemed as if Kara DioGuardi and Katrina “Bikini Girl” Darrell had settled their feud when they performed Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love” together.

Darrell also claimed that “Idol” producers cut off her mic when DioGuardi surprised her onstage. “I knew there were 100 million viewers, so I couldn’t cry,” she said. “I couldn’t get mad. I just had to smile and deal with it. The show producers kind of said, ‘I’m sorry.’ I think they tested me. I think I did really well, considering all that I went through.”

After the show, Darrell said her little sister had a nasty run-in with DioGuardi backstage. “We were walking, and [Kara] said, ‘Oh, sweetie, I hope you didn’t take anything personally,’ ” Darrell recalled. “I rolled my eyes, and my sister said, ‘Hey, next time you try to upstage my sister, get a spray tan! How old are you — 45 or 50?’ I looked back and shrugged. She kind of said what I was thinking but couldn’t say!”

She flashed everybody and tried to outbikinigirl the Bikini Girl.

Did you like Kara DioGuardi bikini ?

Great moment when Kara DioGuardi showed her bikini . Ryan Seacrest afterwards joked with her about her abs.

The song was Vision of Love , but the singing was not the thing that got everyone talking in fact, the moment when Kara DioGuardi showed off her body was.

When she was a few lines in, Kara came out behind her to chime in with a mock competition. At the end Kara stripped off her dress to show that not only could she sing better than Katrina, she also had a more banging non-surgically enhanced body. Kara seemed a little shy about being on stage in a bikini it and covered up quickly afterwards. Ryan announced that they put her up to it and were going to donate money to charity now that she held up her end of the bargain.

New American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi had a bizarre duet with former AI contestant “bikini girl” Katrina Darrell on last night’s finale. Ryan Seacrest presented Katrina with a “Golden Idol” for “Best Attitude” which seemed like a pretty good excuse to get her to parade on stage in a bikini again. Ryan then quipped “I was going to ask you what’s new, but I think I know,” in an obvious reference to her new boobs. He had her Darrell sing again, and she offered a weak version of Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love,” the song she auditioned with.

Kara seemed really petty to me when she took offense at bikini girl’s audition, but she kind of redeemed herself with this duet. In a way she was mocking herself while showcasing her talent and great body. Will she be on the show next season though, or do the producers realize that Idol flows better when she’s not butting heads with Simon?

Thanks to OK! Magazine for these screenshots from the show last night.

"Boxing, treadmill, step-ups, walking lunges, sprints… I mix it up," she says. "And weight training is important as you get older. You build muscle, which burns fat when you're at rest."

And if she ever loses motivation to maintain her fitness and diet plan, she counts on her loved ones.

Still, she calls it "a defining moment" that helped her fit in among judges Simon Cowell , Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul .

So, how has she maintained her bikini body?

“What a stomach,” host Ryan Seacrest told Kara DioGuardi. “We bet Kara she wouldn’t do that and she did it. So, we’re going to donate a lot of money to her favorite charity.”

Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell [photos ] returned to ‘American Idol’ last night to accept her award for Best Attitude but she wasn’t the only one willing to show off a little skin.

See video of Kara DioGuardi’s flash moment below:

In what proved to be one of the most surprising moments of the finale, fans were given a glimpse of Kara DioGuardi’s bikini body as the ‘Idol’ judge made her show singing debut and revealed a tiny black bikini all in one go.

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