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[Female sex workers looking out the window of a brothel at G.B Road./ Photographed by Jeong In-seo]
Kalyani, 45, has been living here for 30 years. She decided to leave Nepal after hearing that she could make a lot of money in India. She said, “I came here when I was 15. Every day is like hell.” She continued, “I could leave right away as long as I want to. But there is nothing I can do if I go back to my hometown.”
Shuni, 18, said she came here after being sold by her father. She said, “My father sold me to a broker when I was 2. I hate my father.” She revealed that she gets 5 to 15 customers a day. She said, “I want to go back to Nepal, but I will be hit to death if I get caught. There are many people I know who became disabled after being assaulted.”
Darsha, 28, revealed that she came here after being sold by her father. She said, “I don’t remember because I came here when I was very young. I still don’t understand why my father sold me.” She said most of the women in the brother came from Nepal. Most of them were either sold by their family or deceived by brokers. She said, “There is no hope here. Those who live here have given up everything.”
[A large number of women and men gather for prostitution at GB Road./ Photographed by Jeong In-seo]
I tried to interview those who came here. Shyam Mohan, a 28-year-old man who lives in Madhya Pradesh, said he made a visit with his friends. He said, “There is no men in India who doesn’t know about this place. I came here with my friends.” He added, “It’s a place I will never come alone. I won’t come again in the future.”
During the interview, another man came to me. He said that there are more young girls and that I should go with him. I followed the man to the third floor. There were girls that looked like preteens. When I tried to interview them, the man asked for money. He threatened me, saying, “If you want to interview them, you have to give me money. You won’t leave her until you give money.” Fortunately, I was able to escape safely after calling the police. But the little girls did not come out.
[The brothels at G.B Road. Nearly 3,500 women work in these old buildings that are about to collapse./ Photographed by Jeong In-seo]
According to a 2015 survey by Indian ministry of health and welfare, there are nearly 3,500 female sex workers living in G.B Road and about 80% of them are presumed to be infected with HIV.
In 2015, there were around 2.1 million people living with HIV in India. In the same year, nearly 196,000 people were newly infected with HIV and 130,000 people died from AIDS-related illness.
Last year, the Indian government cut its budget for HIV/AIDS control programme by 22% due to financial reasons, causing drug supply delays and criticism from civic groups and international community. Although the government said it would restore its budget, the criticism continues.
Sponsorships: Just Another Word For Prostitution?
On March 7, 2009, the actress Jang Ja-yeon was found hanging on a stairway bannister by her older sister. The apparent suicide of the actress that was just starting to get her name recognized after her role in the hit drama series, Boys Over Flowers , hit hard, not just to her fans, but to the general public as well. In a way, it reflected the high suicide rates Korea is known for – here was another young actress who killed herself for reasons unknown.
And then her suicide letters became public. In these letters, she told a tale that had awoken the fury of the Korean public. In her letter, where she identifies herself as a “weak and powerless actress” who wants to “escape from all this pain,” she listed eleven prominent individuals, one of whom was the producer of Boys Over Flowers . She goes into detail, claiming that she was forced to sexually entertain these men over 110 times, and accused them of sexual coercion, rape, and battery.
In the months and years that followed her death, the eleven names somehow became 31 in a list passed around the internet, news stories became inaccurate as the truth became increasingly blurred, contradictory stories from just about everyone involved, allegations of computer hacking, and government interference was rampant.
But one fact continues to be held true – Jang Ja-yeon was forced into sexual acts with these influential people, and was forced into these sponsorship relations by her manager. Of those named in her letter, only her manager and CEO were sentenced to jail for two years. As for the men named? They were all cleared.
Sponsorship is the dirty, barely kept secret of the Korean entertainment industry. Every entertainment industry has some form of the casting couch, yes, but there are few that come close to the systematic way that it is present in South Korea. It is not only present, but it is easily available, with organizations and ‘clubs’ dedicated to using low ranked and rookie celebrities and delivering them to wealthy and important men. These men would then sponsor the celebrity, giving her designer and expensive stuff, and would help her get roles and commercials, in return for one little thing — sex.

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